Which hammock is the best?

The best hammock depending on the location and intended use. Here you will find 8 application examples and the best hammock for each.


Cloth hammock with hammock stands for relaxing, sunbathing and naps

Hammock stand for the garden with hammock stands

Our recommendation as a garden hammock:

Amazonas L-Size Hammock Salsa + Hammock stand Apollo


  • Amazonas is a German company with 30 years of experience with fair trade Brazilian hammocks.
  • Synthetic fabric in light color (UV-resistant)
  • Available as a set with matching hammock stands

The hammock does not necessarily have to be large and expensive for the garden, as you only lie in it for hours at a time.

As the hammock in the garden is exposed to the sun for a long time, UV-resistant materials are recommended. Synthetic fabrics are superior to cotton.

Light, single-colored hammocks have the advantage that they do not fade so quickly.

However, a hammock should not hang outside all the time, so it is important that it is easy to set up and take down.

If you have two trees in your garden, you can hang the hammock using two tree straps, ropes and carabiners.

However, there is often only one lawn area, in which case a hammock stands is ideal. The larger the hammock stands, the more expensive and unwieldy they are. The hammock must not be too large for a lightweight metal frame, otherwise you will need an expensive but elegant wooden frame.


Suspension mat for dreaming and sunbathing

Hammock for the balcony by chico

Our recommendation as a balcony hammock:

Chico single hammock

Why Chico?

  • Chico is known for high quality and production in Austria
  • Wooden spreader bars reduce the space required
  • Hammock can also be attached to the balcony railing

On the balcony, particular attention must be paid to the space available and the fastening options. There is often no room for swings on a small balcony. Then the only option is often to attach the hammock to the balcony railing.

A hammock with wooden poles is best suited for this. These hammocks are also called “American-style” hammocks, and the wooden poles were invented to save space with the hammocks on ships. This hammock from the Austrian manufacturer chico also takes up less space and is therefore probably ideal for your balcony.


Lightweight outdoor hammock to enjoy on the lake/beach between two trees/palms

Hammock for the lake from hamaka

Our recommendation as a lightweight outdoor hammock:

hamaka hyperlight

Why hamaka?

  • hamaka manufacture this hammock in the EU
  • Extremely light weight
  • Very small pack size
  • Pack sack and suspension are integrated

It is important that the hammock is easy to transport. This means a low weight and a small pack size so that it fits easily into a rucksack. Parachute silk hammocks are particularly lightweight.

As you don’t spend much time in the hammock, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a large and expensive hammock.

The hammock should also be quick and easy to hang between trees/palms/pillars. Many outdoor hammocks have the advantage that the suspension with tree straps is already integrated into the hammock.


Outdoor hammocks for spending the night outdoors on hikes/trips/festivals

Outdoor hammocks from TTTM

Our recommendation as an outdoor travel hammock:

TTTM Lightest Pro Hammock


  • TTTM has stood for high-quality outdoor hammocks and fair production for years
  • Hammock has an integrated mosquito net
  • Integrated Ridgeline for attaching the hammock
  • Low weight, yet not small

When hiking, the size and weight of your luggage is certainly one of the most important factors. As light as possible, but preferably not at the expense of sleep quality.

As you sleep in the hammock all night, it must never be too small – otherwise there is a risk of back pain.

In our latitudes, the low outside temperatures and heat loss from below must be taken into account. A cloth hammock insulates better from below than a mesh hammock. Nevertheless, it is usually necessary to sleep in the hammock with a sleeping bag and additional insulation. To prevent the sleeping mat from slipping, some even place it inside the sleeping bag.

An integrated mosquito net is highly recommended to protect against ticks and mosquitoes.

A tarp as rain protection is a must, because if it should rain, it would be anything but fun in the hammock.

Living room

Indoor hammock as decoration, for reading, relaxing or as a spare bed

Hammock for the lake from hamaka

Our recommendation as an indoor hammock for the living room:

Hamacama Strong


  • Large sunbathing area for whole families
  • Can be attached to the ceiling
  • Great lying comfort
  • Also suitable as a replacement bed
  • Thick natural cotton yarn looks good

Choose Cotton

For indoor use, we recommend a hammock made of cotton, as cotton simply feels better against the skin and is protected from the weather indoors.

Ceiling suspension if possible

The hammock looks best when it is attached to the ceiling. In contrast to mounting between two walls, the room is not “partitioned off” here. A sufficiently wide (large) hammock is required so that you can lie crosswise. Large mesh hammocks and large cloth hammocks are suitable.

Elegant suspension

It is important to us that the anchor points on the wall or ceiling are designed to be as elegant and unobtrusive as possible.

Big enough for the family

The size of the lying surface is also important so that the whole family can find space in a hammock.

Design and colors

Of course, the color and design of the hammock are also important. After all, the hammock is a durable piece of furniture.


Indoor hammock with good sleeping properties for power napping and breaks

Hamacama Classic: hammock for power napping

Our recommendation as an indoor hammock for the office:

Hamacama Classic


  • Small pack size and only 1.3 KG in weight
  • Great lying comfort even for longer power naps
  • Mesh fabric adapts to the back
  • Cotton fabric

Everyone knows it, shortly after lunch a heaviness sets in that makes it almost impossible to continue working productively, especially when it comes to creative thinking.

The solution is a power nap. “Power” because you can restore your mental strength with a “nap” or a short nap. The aim is to fall asleep quickly, but also not to sleep too long (> 1.5 hours). This way, you can skip the time when you are already exhausted and give your brain additional rest for a productive afternoon.

The hammock is ideal for this. They are easy to install in the office. They take up little space and can be dismantled quickly. At the same time, there is a study that shows that a gentle rocking motion accelerates falling asleep.

Children’s room

Children’s hammock as a place to sleep or play

LA SIESTA Moki Lilly: The children's hammock

Our recommendation as a children’s hammock:

LA SIESTA Moki Lilly


  • La Siesta is a German manufacturer with fair production in Colombia
  • Ideal size for children
  • Safe for children
  • Including. Hanging accessories
  • Made from organic cotton

Hammocks have a natural attraction for children. No wonder, as hovering above the ground is really something special. Hammocks also encourage movement.

Our choice here would be a colorful traditional cloth hammock from Colombia or Brazil. Cloth hammock because they are more resistant. It’s as easy to break a thread as a mesh hammock.

The great thing about the hammock in the picture is that it has no classic suspension cords. It also prevents children from sticking their heads through, which can lead to strangulation.

Cotton hammocks are also very easy to wash.


Indoor sleep hammock as a bed replacement or bed for the summertime

Hamacama Heaven: The bed replacement hammock

Our recommendation as a bed replacement hammock:

Hamacama Heaven


  • Rice bed surface
  • Finest fabric (80 hours of handwork) made from mercerized cotton
  • Wall and ceiling suspension possible
  • You can’t fall out
  • Mesh fabric adapts to the natural shape of the back

Perhaps as an emergency solution for sleeping, but can a hammock really compete with a bed? If we look at the historical origin of the hammock and listen to the feedback from our customers, then our answer is: YES a hammock can replace a bed.

The hammock must of course have the best fabric, a large lying surface and maximum comfort for hours of daily use.

The large lying surface is necessary so that you can find the best lying position for yourself. Above all, the back must not be curved like a banana, but must lie in a natural shape. It is interesting to note that many people worry about their back health when sleeping permanently in a hammock. Funnily enough, we have many customers who have turned to a hammock precisely because of permanent back pain in a normal bed.

The hammock must not have wooden poles, as you can fall out of these hammocks while sleeping.

We recommend a hand-woven mesh hammock for two reasons. Firstly, this hammock not only has a larger lying surface than other hammocks due to its stretchability and secondly, the fabric adapts to the natural shape of the back. This is also the reason why these hammocks are so easy on the back.

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