Mounting a hammock on wooden beams

How to attach a hammock to a wood beam or stud using Hamacama Screws.

Video instructions

Step-by-step instructions

Tools and accessories for attaching a hammock to a wooden beam


Suspension accessories

Tool list

  • Drill with 7 mm wood drill bit
  • Robust screwdriver or similar for screwing in the ring bolt
  • Protective gloves and safety goggles
  • (optional) Vacuum cleaner
Mark drill hole on wooden beam

Marking the drill hole

Find and mark the drilling points as described on this page

Pre-drill hole in wooden post

Pre-drill a 60 mm deep hole with a 7 mm wood drill bit

Drill a 60 mm deep hole (= 75 % of the screw-in depth) using a 7 mm wood drill bit (= core diameter of the screw).

Wear safety goggles, especially when drilling overhead. Longer hair must be tied back.

Screw in the bolt completely

Screw in the ring bolt completely

Use a screwdriver (or even a carabiner) to screw in the eyebolt all the way to the shaft.

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