4 important hammock knots

With the Becket Hitch, Weaving Line Hitch, Sack Hitch and Roring Hitch, you can connect the hammock, rope and carabiner in an adjustable height.

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Hammock ⟷ Suspension ropes

Tie your hammock directly to the suspension ropes using the Becket Hitch. This is practical if you use the hammock outdoors and want to set it up and take it down quickly.

The knot tightens under load and therefore cannot be released under load.


Becket Hitch Infographic

Carabiner ⟷ Suspension ropes

For long-term use, e.g. in the home, a carabiner is also recommended to protect the hammock.

You can attach your suspension ropes to a carabiner with the Clove Hitch. This knot also contracts under load and is height-adjustable.


Eyebolt ⟷ Suspension ropes

A loop is formed on the rope with the simple sack stitch knot in loop form, which is then knotted to a suspension point (e.g. eyelet, beam, branch, etc.).

Eye bolt ⟷ Suspension ropes (Super Ropes)

With the ring knot (also known as an anchor rope knot), you can knot your rope directly to a ring-shaped suspension point (e.g. eye bolt).


Always test knots!

Before you get into the hammock, you should lean your full weight on the hammock to check whether the knot holds.

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