Where and at what distance should holes be drilled for the suspension?

We find the drilling points and distances for our hammock suspension on the wall or ceiling with two helpers and suspension ropes.

Attach ropes to the hammock with simple knots

Tie suspension ropes to the hammock

Tie the two suspension ropes to the two ends of the hammock using any knot (e.g. Rope Loop).

Two helpers hold the hammock according to the four hanging rules.

Helpers hold the hammock according to the four hanging rules

Two helpers hold the hammock according to the 4 hanging rules:

  1. sag like a banana
  2. Both ends at the same height
  3. lowest point at knee height and
  4. enough space to swing back and forth.
The rope extends the hammock naturally towards the wall.

Hold the suspension ropes to the wall/ceiling and mark the drilling point

While your friends hold the hammock according to the four rules, extend the suspension ropes in a straight line – just as the hammock would run – towards the wall or ceiling.

Attention power and water lines

Never drill directly above or below fittings, light switches or sockets!

Many hidden electrical cables can already be guessed from the position of switches, sockets or junction boxes. In modern buildings, power lines are usually laid according to precise rules.
Installed by a specialist, they generally only run vertically and horizontally to the ceiling and floor. As a rule, a professional installs the pipes about 30 centimeters below the ceiling or 30 centimeters above the floor.

The use of a line detector is even safer. Especially in old buildings, you can’t rely on straight cable runs.

The upper third is a good position for the drill hole on the wall

For wall suspension: Mark the hole approximately in the upper third of the wall. It is better to mark the hole too high than too low. If the hole is too high, the hammock hangs more curved; if it is too low, the hammock can graze the ground under load.

The first hole can be drilled immediately and the hammock attached. The second hole is then drilled opposite on the other side of the wall at approximately the same height.

Observe distances for ceiling suspension

For ceiling suspension: Even easier than wall suspension, as the two holes are at the same height on a flat ceiling.

Before the first hole is drilled, the second hole should already be planned to ensure that the distance between the two holes is large enough. If the two holes are too close together, the hammock will be too cramped.

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