How do I lie correctly in the hammock?

The correct lying position for a straight back depends on how much the hammock sags and whether it is large enough.

Lying technique in the Hamacama Strong Natural : diagonal, vertical, with cushion or blanket

Tip: Test for yourself whether you can improve the lying sensation with a pillow or blanket.

Lying straight in the hammock

Straight Lying

You lie as if the hammock is hanging. Your back is raised and you can easily read in the hammock. Not suitable for sleeping though.

If the hammock is hung too tightly or if it is too small, there is often no other option than to lie in the hammock in this way.


Lying diagonally in a hammock (Brazilian technique)

Diagonal Lying (Brasilian)

You lie diagonally in the hammock and use the entire surface area by lying from one corner of the surface to the other.

Your back should be straight and you can sleep in the hammock.

Lying crosswise to the longitudinal axis in the hammock

Crosswise Lying

If the hammock is very saggy and the hammock is wider than your height, you can lie completely crosswise as shown in the video.

Then the back is in its natural shape and you can sleep in the hammock.

How the hammock angle influences the lying position

The optimal lying position therefore depends on how the hammock hangs (see What is the hanging angle?).

20° Wall Suspension

Better to avoid. You’re a little cramped and lie slightly diagonally.

30° Wall Suspension

The most popular angle for hanging a hammock because it makes the most of the surface area. This is especially important for smaller hammocks.

The hammock sags like a banana. You lie diagonally. This is also known as the Brazilian technique.

45° Wall or Ceiling Suspension

You lie diagonally to across. Crosswise, of course, is only possible if the hammock is wide enough.

75° Ceiling Suspension

In the hammock, you lie across. Therefore, the hammock should be wider than your height. Can feel cramped.

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