Lying Correctly

What is the best way to lie in a traditional hammock? In no case with a bent back!

Video (0:31) Lying in a Hamacama Strong Natural (): diagonal, vertical, with pillow or blanket

In Hamacama hammocks you should lie diagonally when the hammock hangs from wall to wall and crosswise when suspended on the ceiling.

Tip: Test for yourself if you feel more comfortable using a pillow and/or blanket.

The hanging angle and the lying position

The goal when lounging in the hammock is for the lounging area to sag loosely, the back to be straight, and for you not to feel cramped. The optimal lying position therefore depends on how the hammock hangs (see What is the hanging angle?).


20° Wall Suspension

Better to avoid. You see one is a bit cramped. You lie slightly diagonally.


30° Wall Suspension

The most popular angle for hanging a hammock. The hammock hangs like a banana. You lie diagonally.


45° Wall or Ceiling Suspension

One lies diagonally to crosswise.


75° Wall Suspension

You lie crosswise in the hammock. Therefore, the hammock must be wider than the body size

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