1. Hammock ⟷ Rope

The Becket Hitch helps you to tie your hammock directly to the suspension ropes (). This is useful if you want to use the hammock outdoors and want the set-up and take down to be quick.

Please practice the knot often enough. Test before each entry with firm pull whether the knot really holds.

The knot tightens more firmly under load and therefore cannot be loosened under load.

Becket Hitch Infographic

2. Carabiner ⟷ Rope

For permanent use, e.g., in the apartment, an additional carabiner () is recommended to protect the hammock.

With the Clove Hitch, you can tie your suspension rope to a carabiner. This knot also tightens more firmly under load and is height adjustable.


3. Loop

With the simple Offset Overhand Bend, you can form a loop on the rope and then tie it to a suspension point (e.g. eyebolt, beam, branch, etc.) in a choking manner.

For example, you can use it to connect the Hamacama Ropes() to the Hamacama Screws ().


4. Rope ⟷ Suspension

Use the Anchor bend to tie your suspension rope directly to a ring-shaped suspension point (e.g. eyebolt).

You can find another video on the product page of Hamacama Super Ropes() how to use this node in practice in connection with Hamacama Screws ().

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