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How much weight can a Hamacama hammock withstand?

Very much weight – more than people can fit in the hammock. Most likely the suspension cables or attachment points will fail before then.

We knew that net hammocks achieve very high load capacity due to the weight distribution. But then we wanted to know exactly with a professional load test:

The result: The hammock was first loaded with 220 KG over 24 hours. Then with 275 KG for one hour. When the hammock finally still did not break at 500 KG (over one hour), the test had to be stopped for safety reasons for the staff.

What determines the price of the hammock?

The size, especially the width of the hammock, and the material determine the price.

So a 2 m wide hammock costs twice as much to buy as a 1 m wide hammock.
The wider, the more material and weaving is necessary.

For example: The mercerized cotton used in the Hamacama Heaven is about four times more expensive than normal cotton and the working time is about 80 hours per hammock.

Why does my hammock smell like smoke?

Some of our hammocks smell a little like smoke when you unpack them. The smell fades after a few hours.

Where does the smell come from?

All our hammocks are hand woven by Mayan families. For some families, the cooking area is near where the hammock is woven – hence the temporary smell.

Are these single, double or family hammocks?

These terms are pure marketing terms that have no clear definition.

For Hamacama Hammock, each hammock is large enough for a 2 m tall person. There is room for 2 people in the Classic Hammock. At Strong and Heaven, a couple with a child.

Can I hang a Hamacama hammock outside?

Yes, you can of course use the hammock in the garden or on the balcony or even take it to the lake or a festival.

All Hamacama hammocks are woven from cotton and therefore more comfortable compared to synthetic fabrics, but also more sensitive to the weather.

If you want to use your hammock exclusively outdoors, an outdoor hammock made of parachute silk would be more suitable.

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