About Hamacama

The portmanteau word Hamacama [ah-mah’-cah -mah] consists of the two Spanish words hammock (hamaca) and bed (cama).

Our mission

The classic image of the hammock is two palm trees and a beach – we think that this image does not do justice to the potential of the hammock.

Sleep Hammocks

Our hammocks belong in the home or office: for naps, as a bed substitute, or simply as a piece of furniture.

  • Low space requirement, especially for ceiling mounting
  • Quick and easy assembly and disassembly
  • Visually appealing as decoration
  • A possible substitute for a bed or sofa
  • For offices to increase performance through power napping


  • Excellent properties for sleeping: large enough for the best possible lying position, faster falling asleep, and no pressure points (back pain)
  • Made of a net fabric around a. to guarantee the best possible adaptation to the body and b. to allow attachment to the ceiling because of the wide lying surface
  • Made of high-quality cotton for the best skin feeling
  • Woven in fair and traditional handwork by people who have perfected this craft over centuries