About us

Hamacama is a small Austrian company that has been inspiring people in Europe to sleep in a hammock since 2012.

About Hamacama

Hamacama is made up of the words “hamaca” and “cama”.

The word “hamaca” means hammock and comes from the inventors of the hammock, the indigenous people of South America. It is still used in Spanish today. The English word “hammock” is also derived from this.

“Cama” means bed in Spanish.

The right hammock really is a good bed.

Hammocks are already very popular for camping, called hammocking.

However, we do know that there are some people out there who would sleep better in a hammock at home than they would in a classic bed with a mattress.

People who would not have chronic back or shoulder pain while sleeping.

People who would no longer sweat so much when sleeping.

Or people for whom the minimalism of a hammock would simply be a reflection of their soul.

Unfortunately, most people are unaware of this possibility.

Our mission is to make sleeping in a hammock at home as easy and accessible as possible.

For this purpose, we offer the high quality handmade cotton hammocks for sleeping.

And we created a hanging system that is easy to install and looks elegant on a wall or ceiling indoors.

And we try to communicate everything as simply and attractively as possible via our website.

Why not give it a try?
Try sleeping in hammock for 10 days in a row.
Maybe it will change your life forever!

How Hamacama came about

Although, or perhaps precisely because, I come from chilly Austria, my heart beats for the warm culture of the South and Central Americans. That’s why I spent four months in Mexico in 2011. On my trip across Mexico, in Mérida, I came across it: a cheerfully colorful mesh hammock. It was love at first sight. Of course, the local dealer knew how to present his hammocks: lying down, showing me how to sleep properly, namely diagonally, in a hammock, feeling the fine, hand-made net – all this made my eyes light up.

I spent every night of the next four months in Mexico in my hammock.

Back in Austria, I first noticed that Europeans have a completely different image of the hammock. Although many households have something like a hammock, hardly anyone knows what is actually behind this ingenious floating piece of relaxation and seating furniture. Not to mention the fact that you can spend a whole night in the right hammock.

This gave rise to the idea of introducing Europeans to the true value of the hammock (as I got to know it in Mexico). I am talking and raving about the traditional hammocks that have been used for centuries.

Daniel Zimmermann,
Managing Director

Dan from Hamacama