Hang a hammock from a concrete ceiling or brick wall

This is how you fix the Hamacama Screws with plastic dowels to concrete, solid brick or solid sand-lime brick.

Is it really solid stone or concrete? A test drilling can help. For perforated bricks, you should use injection mortar instead.

Accessories and tools for fixing to concrete or solid stone

1 Preparation

Hanging accessories

Tool list

  • Percussion or hammer drill
  • 12 mm masonry drill bit, drilling depth: 87 mm
  • Robust screwdriver
  • Protective equipment: gloves and goggles
  • Small hammer
  • (optional) Smaller drill bit for pre-drilling
  • (optional) Vacuum cleaner
Drill a hole in the ceiling

3 Drill an 87 mm deep hole with a 12 mm masonry drill bit

To ensure the correct drilling depth, mark the drilling depth of 87 mm on the 12 mm masonry drill bit with adhesive tape.

  • ⚠️ Take care of your safety! Wear protective equipment such as gloves and safety goggles when working and make sure you are standing securely. Get help if you are using a ladder. Please tie up longer hair.
  • Tip: First pre-drill with a smaller drill bit, this makes the strenuous overhead drilling easier.
  • Tip: To drill a nice hole and prevent the drill bit from slipping, switch off the hammer or percussion function of the drill for the first few millimetres.
  • Tip: While drilling, ask someone to collect the dust with a vacuum cleaner.

Tip: What to do with reinforced concrete?

Concrete ceilings are usually reinforced with a steel mesh.

It is best to use a power detector to avoid these steel wires when drilling. If you come across a wire while drilling and suddenly cannot make any further progress, please do not try to continue drilling. Instead, drill a second hole a few centimeters apart.

The incorrectly drilled hole can be easily repaired with repair mortar.

Drive in dowels carefully with a hammer

Drive in 4 dowels carefully

Clean the hole with a vacuum cleaner or better with a small brush.

First push the plastic dowel into the hole by hand and then carefully hammer it all the way in with a hammer. Choose a small hammer and take care not to damage the plaster.

Screw the screw completely into the concrete ceiling using a sturdy screwdriver or similar.

5 Screw in the eye bolt completely

Screw in the eyebolt completely with a screwdriver so that it covers the dowel.

Nothing should be visible from the shaft of the screw.

Tie the hammock ropes to the suspension system

Knot 6 hammock ropes

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